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Foxy spa

Foxy spa Stationary massage tables

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Massage table Select + 20015 Stationary massage tables
$ 1,599.00
Massage table Select + is a three section table that is very versatile it has an unique design which is new to the US market. Height is adjusted by motor and the foot section is adjusted manually. The headrest can recline and has a removable face cushion for a breather hole. Four caster wheels are integrated into the frame for mobility.
Massage table Touch 20019 Stationary massage tables
$ 1,899.00
Massage table Touch is in White color. The Touch table has three motors that control height, head and foot sections. The table goes very low to floor for a variety of treatments. The unique arm support lowers to become a armrest cradle. The foot extension can extend for taller customers and reverse it to reveal a pedicure debris tray. The table also has a free bolster set, couch roll holder, manicure bowls and facial bowls included.
Massage table Ceda 20021 Stationary massage tables
$ 2,159.00
Massage table Ceda is a three section table that has three motors that control the height, headrest, and central module movements. The backrest as a built in facial hole when the head cushion is removed. It is a very unique and versatile design.
Massage table Oake+ 20024 Stationary massage tables
$ 1,799.00
Massage table Oake+ is a 2-section table great for massage. The height & backrest are controlled by 2 motors. The wood like finish adds finesse to any environment.
Massage table Select 20025 Stationary massage tables
$ 1,259.00
Massage table Select is a very stable two section bed. Motorized adjustment of bed height and mechanical backrest regulation. Headrest is adjustable and removable to reveal a facial hole. Has retractable wheels to facilitate its movement.
Massage table Oake 20117 Stationary massage tables
$ 1,499.00
Massage table Oake boasts a seamless design. A two section table where the height is adjustable by motor and the backrest is adjustable. There is a facial hole concealed in the backrest.
Massage bed Maui 20128 Stationary massage tables
$ 999.00
Massage bed Maui is a very sturdy two section bed. It's height is adjustable and the backrest can adjust to several fixed angles. The headrest is adjustable and removable you can also remove the armrests. The backrest conceals a facial hole.
Massage bed Cubo 20129 Stationary massage tables
$ 1,199.00
Massage bed Cubo is a two section bed with great storage space built into the frame. There are two large cabinets underneath the bed to store essentials. The height is adjustable as well as the backrest. The armrests are removable and the headrest can be removed or adjusted. The backrest includes facial hole.
Massage table Ocili 20013 Stationary massage tables
$ 3,159.00
Massage table Ocili is a single panel bed that conceals a five motor system that adjusts the height, backrest, center, and dual bed inclinations. It has massage armrests and a removable cushion that reveals a facial hole. This is a wide bed with a thick memory foam cushion and soft upholstery, for maximum comfort.
Massage table Adap 20020 Stationary massage tables
$ 1,299.00
Massage table Adap is two sections and has one motor that controls the height and the backrest is adjustable manually. The backrest also has a built in breather hole and integrated caster wheels. Very clean looking bed, great for any environment.
Massage table Mirro 20011 Stationary massage tables
$ 649.00
Massage table Mirro is a two section table with a very sturdy frame. The backrest can be adjusted manually and there is a built in facial hole. There is discreet under storage ideal for additional towels, also comes with a towel roll holder at the foot end.
Massage table Loris 20023 Stationary massage tables
$ 499.00
Massage table Loris is a simple yet functional, two section table. The backrest has a built in facial hole and can be adjust manually.
Massage table Ingo 20022 Stationary massage tables
$ 399.00
Massage table Ingo is a two section static table with no armrests. The backrest can be adjusted, and the pillow can be removed to reveal a facial hole. There is a shelf built into the frame underneath for storage.
Massage table Tami 20018 Stationary massage tables
$ 1,699.00
Massage table Tami is a three section bed equipped with three motors that control the height, backrest and central module movements. Has double-arm adjustable supports, headrest with breather hole and an extra postural cushion. Also has retractable wheels to facilitate easy movement.

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