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Ultrasound machines for body

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It seems that since Ultrasound therapy has arrived it completely changed the beauty game. Now all you here is talks about non-surgical facelifts, safe and painless skin tightening, there are magical Ultrasound scrubbers that make the skin radiant. New and shiny, the ultrasonic frequency therapy, ultrasonic phonophoresis... They deliver result and we love them all!

The amazing Ultrasonic benefits for face – the tightening and lifting, the collagen and elastin boost, the anti-aging, rejuvenating and renewing of the face there are actually benefits for the whole body and treatments below the neck have been available for a long time now. And, did you know that the Ultrasound treatment benefits for the body are even more impressive and deserve much more of our attention? Ultrasound therapy for the body will for sure bring in clients as it is our newest fat-battling weapon. Surely this treatment also uses ultrasound waves to reduce body fat. This page lists our ultrasound machines for body that will help you grow your business fast.

How Does it Work?

Ultrasound waves are used to target and quickly heat the fat cells thus destroying them. The liquefied fat is then naturally drained from the body with aid of the lymphatic drainage. This is a very effective procedure that delivers results in a big way. But, you have to understand, that this is not a weight loss treatment, it doesn’t resemble liposuction, nor does it offers the same results. This is a safe, painless and non-invasive way to permanently destroy fat cells and help your clients to shred a couple of inches to go down few dress sizes. One more thing to note – fat cell live the body very slow, painfully slow. So, just explain to your customers that the treatment would take time to work (from one month).

Main Benefits of the Best Ultrasound Machines For Body

The treatment helps to remove fat in the places that are impossible to contour and slim down otherwise.  You will be able to offer your clients effective treatment of those stubborn stomach fat pockets, love handles, the upper arms and the thighs.

All of our Ultrasound machines for body for sale, of course, deliver all the benefits and effects of the ultrasound procedures:

  • Dramatically improved elasticity
  • Increased blood circulation and thus vitamin delivery and skin oxygenation
  • Lymph drainage
  • Overall skin beautification: reduction of scars, couperosis, and even cellulite

Another huge benefit is the cost of the professional Ultrasound machines for body. The price of a machine is highly surprising, you can spend anywhere from 220 to 550 USD. So, understandably, the ROI on these machines is almost instant.

It is non-invasive and non-surgical inch reduction. Ultrasound inch-reducing treatment can be used on anyone. There is, as with any treatment, a short list of contraindications that we will list below. The side effects are quite rare, and if occur tend to be minor. Your clients can experience slight redness, swelling and, may be bruising. There is no painkillers or anesthesia used, the treatment is completely pain-free.


  • All types of cancer
  • Heart problems and pacemaker users
  • All body implants
  • Acute infections
  • Pregnancy
  • Injury

Our Service

You can buy ultrasound machines for body that would be perfect for a beautician on-the-go as well as for salon or spa professional. They are light, easy to transport and take almost no time to set up.  

Our portable ultrasound therapy machine for body is very powerful and includes combined functions.
There is much more to explore with our line of fantastic Ultrasound treatment Machines for body. Your perfect machine is always available in our showroom for you to check out. You are also welcome to contact us any time – we will gladly offer free training and consultations on all the equipment we have for sale.

Here at AE, we are proud to be working with the best companies in the field. Our partners offer quality and safety through years of research and development.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions, we are here to help!


In this category you can find Ultrasound machines for body. In order to recover the cost of your equipment, all you need is to provide 10-15 procedures. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for Ultrasound machines for body, you have come to the right place.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality of products, the largest range of equipment, and the best service to our customers. We also proudly provide training sessions for instruction on how to utilize all the equipment we sell.

Please call us now if you need any assistance selecting your equipment.


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