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Vacuum Lymphatic Slimming Station Vector



Vacuum therapy machines
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Brand: Venus
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  • Vacuum Lymphatic Slimming Station Vector

    • Body slimming and sculpturing
    • Cellulite reduction
    • Skin tightening
    • Wrinkle removal

    RF Vacuum Therapy combines Radiofrequency and Vacuum Therapy to yield incredible results.

    Electrodes are positioned on the vacuum nozzle itself to maximize results and increase collagen while firming skin, in addition to performing lymphatic drainage.

    This 2 in 1 feature combines RF treatments that strengthen collagen with vacuum therapy that improves lymphatic draingage and blood circulation.

    Vacuum Therapy lets RF energy penetrate deeper into the skin, increases healthy blood flow, and reduces swelling. As a result, areas of the body treated are contoured and tightened.

    Fine lines and wrinkles all over the body, including around the eyes and mouth, are visibly reduced with just one treatment.

    Skin is lifted and tightened, so sagging skin and scar tissue are also eliminated while giving your skin a healthier glow.

    Vacuum Therapy has also been known to extremely effect postpartum, especially with treating C-section scars and tightening the stomach overall.

    Radiofreqency works painlessly and without any downtime. It rejuvenates skin, reduces the look of cellulite, helps stretch marks, removes fat, and improves the demeanor of wrinkles and fine lines. Since cell turnover time is around 28 days, patients will notice cumulative effects increasing as more treatments are performed.

    Results of treatment:

    1. General facial tightening and brightening

    2. Lifting of brows and tightening of forehead skin

    3. Thickening of skin and tightening and lifting of skin on the upper cheek

    4. Slight lifting and diminishing of enlarged pores on cheeks

    5. Diminishing of sagging along the jawline

    6. Tightening of skin and diminishing wrinkling of the neck and decollete area

    7. Visual improvement of scars and stretch marks

    8. Stimulation of the renewal of skin cells

    9. Improvement of microcirculation and face color

    10. Improvement of skin elasticity


    The effects of Radiofrequency:

    • reduction of deep wrinkles manifestations
    • reduction of manifestations of scars and stretch marks
    • recovery and strengthening of facial skin
    • stimulation of skin cells renewal
    • improvement of microcirculation and face color
    • Visible skin tightening, improvement of skin elasticity
    • Improvement of skin toning
    • No irritation or skin flushing after procedure
    • active care of loose, atonic skin

    Technical features of Vacuum Lymphatic Slimming Station Vector:


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    Vacuum Lymphatic Slimming Station Vector
    $ 12,900.00 $ 9,675.00
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$ 12,900.00 $ 9,675.00
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