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Zemits Starter Kit

Aesthetic Set for Beginners

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This esthetic device is intended for cosmetic use only. This esthetic device is not intended to be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition.

This esthetic device is intended to be used by estheticians and skincare providers. This esthetic device is not intended to be used by doctors or healthcare providers.

This esthetic device is not intended to be used in medical nor surgical purposes. This esthetic device does not affect the structure of deep skin tissues.

Please meet the best Estie's Combo of 2024- the beautiful Zemits Aesthetic Pro Starter Kit. 

We've created this kit to help estheticians and skincare professionals run their spa business smoothly without big investments. 

This kit will help you to offer professional advanced services, address various skin concerns, and create customized treatment protocols for all clients needs. 

The Zemits Starter Kit includes the most advanced and popular technologies: 

  1. Zemits SonoSilk - Ultrasound Skin Scrubber with Blue LED Light and Nano-Mist 
  2. Zemits CellTite - Microcurrent Facial Technology to firm and tight skin 
  3. Zemits UltraGlow - Ultrasound Infusion and LED Light Therapy Technology
  4. Zemits PureKio 2.0 - Professional HighFrequency System

About Zemits SonoSilk Skin Scrubber

The Zemits SonoSilk ultrasonic skin scrubber is the newest generation of skin exfoliation and product infusion. This professional wireless device offers 4 synergetic treatments in one.

Zemits SonoSilk performs the following 4 treatments:
  • Extract
  • Exfoliate
  • Infuse
  • Rejuvenate
The smart portable system Zemits SonoSilk uses high-frequency ultrasound vibrations to penetrate the skin and exfoliate the upper layer of dead skin cells.

28,000 vibrations per second create high-speed oscillations, helping to extract extra sebum and blackheads from pores with no trauma. Gentle ultrasound vibrations cleanse skin thoroughly leaving skin fresh and smooth, completely prepared for product infusion.

Ultrasound is conducted through a contact medium layer, that is why statistics show that ultrasonic exfoliation is 96% more effective when the skin is moistened with liquid.

Zemits SonoSilk has a revolutionary design with a built-in port for distilled water. SonoSilk sprays water during the treatment, this allows the operator to keep the skin moistened for the duration of the peeling step without having to stop to remoisten.

Constant skin hydration leads to better exfoliation and rejuvenation results.

SonoSilk also emits a 430 nm Blue LED light for the duration of the treatment, that helps treat acne-prone, oily, and inflamed skin.

Zemits SonoSilk performs all there actions at once:
- Ultrasound Vibrations
- Spray Mist
- Blue LED Light

Zemits CellTite

The Zemits CellTite is a powerful skin firming microcurrent device.

Invented by skincare professionals for effective and safe skin tightening treatments for all skin types.

This energizing tool is fitness for your face, it helps to tone and lift saggy skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The systematic use of CellTite helps to fight the main skin concerns, such as loss of firmness and elasticity, puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes, uneven skin tone.



The Zemits CellTite helps to contour and tone the face, to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips, neck, and forehead.

This energizing device is gentle for sensitive areas and professionals to precisely deliver advanced stimulating energy into the skin.

It helps to improve the look of smile lines, eyebrows, crow‘s feet, neck, and forehead.

The Zemits CellTite device generates gentle pulses and very relaxing vibration, thus enables optimal contact with all areas of the face.

This gentle treatment delivers targeted energizing and stimulating effects to the skin, helping to lift eyebrows, diminish the depth of crow’s feet, and smile lines.

Zemits UltraGlow Revitalizing System Ultrasound & LED Light

  • Ultrasound facial nutrition and rejuvenation
  • LED Light Therapy for skin tightening and rejuvenation

This redesigned portable facial system uses ultrasound therapy and LED light to treat a wide range of skin concerns such as:

  • acne
  • rosacea
  • signs of aging
  • dry and sensitive skin 
  • wrinkles 
  • pigmentations

Wireless and handheld, the Zemits UltraGlow is a wonderful addition to any treatment room.
Gentle ultrasound vibrations help to infuse targeted products into the skin while LED light works to repair, leaving skin fresh and smooth.

Red Light - 640 nm - penetrates human tissue more superficially. Red light stimulation has a great effect on mitochondrial stimulation which increases metabolic activity and stimulates superficial circulation for overall healthier skin. Great for reparative and anti-aging treatments.

Green Light - 550 nm - is the calming wavelength of light. This therapy promotes balance and a calming effect on the skin while reducing redness. Anti-aging therapies often include green light therapy. In addition to reducing redness, the calming effect of this wavelength has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can work to reduce hyperpigmentation. Its calming nature can be used in combination with other light therapy to further rejuvenate the skin. Great for sensitive skin and anti-aging treatments.

Blue Light - 430 nm - kills most acne bacteria with its specific wavelength. Inflammatory acne benefits greatly from blue light skin treatment. The light energy also stimulates the tightening of pores and reduces the oiliness of the skin. Altogether it has a rejuvenation effect on the skin. Great for oily and acne skin treatments.

Ultrasound frequency increases cellular turnover, plumps and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, tightens sagging skin, relieves puffy eyes, reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves acne, tightens enlarged pores, fades dark eye circles, freckles, old age spots, and even repairs scar damage. The process is safe, painless, and gentle and can even be used by sensitive skin types such as those with Rosacea.

Zemits PureKio 2.0

Zemits PureKio 2.0 is a high-end professional High Frequency device
with 7 interchangeable electrodes:

  • 3 electrodes with Purple Argon gas
  • 4 electrodes with Orange Neon gas

What is High Frequency Machine?

High frequency machines are handheld electrical devices used for anti-bacterial and treatment for oily and acne-prone skin. High frequency machine has replaceable glass wand with gas and coil inside it. The internal coil converts electrical current into energy that heats up neon or argon gas inside a tube. When the esthetician places the HF wand on the skin, a thin sterile ozone layer is created. This treatment helps to soothe the skin, reduces irritation, inflammation, and helps to treat acne, and other skin conditions.

Who can benefit from High Frequency Treatment?

High frequency machines are clinically approved for increasing local skin immunity and treating common problems.

Professional Zemits PureKio 2.0 High frequency wand also helps tighten sagging skin by boosting collagen and elastin production. Massaging the skin with the PureKio 2.0 device helps stimulate blood flow, which is great for your overall skin health. Other benefits include improving lymph activity, boosting hair growth, and reducing inflammation.

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