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Aesthetic Business Tips

Eyelash Business Start Up Tips

When you’re starting out after getting out of beauty school, you may be thinking about doing hair, nails or skin. Those are the most popular avenues but also the options with the most competition. You may look at eyebrows but that is also a high competition avenue. If you look just below your eyebrows, you’ll see that your eyelashes can be just as lucrative with less competition.

The Best Barbicide Products for your Esthetic Business

In this day and age where living with a global pandemic is the norm, running a professional beauty business takes more than just having the space and the skills to make someone pretty. Thorough cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection are now given the utmost importance, especially since the virus can stay on surfaces and possibly spread from one client to the next.

Professional Skin Care Products For Estheticians

Behind every great esthetician’s office is a list of amazing skincare products, equipment, and trained professionals. Starting your clinic should not be a guessing game, especially when the skin of other people is involved. Read on to learn about equipment, products, and advice!

Build the Perfect Med Spa Treatments Menu

A spa menu is an essential thing to consider in your business. It is the first thing you offer your customers as they walk in, and it also makes them decide to be your client.

Instagram Tips For Estheticians and Spa Owners

With over 25 million business profiles, Instagram allows estheticians and spas to market their brand via posts, stories, or images. Whether you want to expand your business, drive traffic to your brand, or engage the existing customers, Instagram is a great platform to achieve them.

Esthetician Quotes And Slogans

Aesthetics deals with taste and beauty coupled with the philosophy of art. It covers artificial and natural aesthetic judgment and experience.

Best Spa and Salon Software Apps

Running a spa and salon is a daunting job. Business managers require to maintain and build an extensive network of customers to have success.

Spa And Beauty Salon Cancellation Policy Templates

Policies are rules that are put in place to address how you handle different unexpected situations in your salon and spa, including cancellations.

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