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How to Start Your Beauty Business: 10 Tips from Zemits

he mission to better lives and make people feel good about them while earning a good salary is one of the best! Isn’t it wonderful living your dream and setting your own hours, curating the team of professionals or building your own brand? We know it is!

Enjoy Your Weekend: Best Way To Use Different Masks To Achieve Seriously Satisfied Skin

Facial Masks are a very important part of a weekly skincare routine that makes taking care of the skin pleasant and simple. Mask can be used anytime you think the skin needs help with hydration, a boost of vitamins and active ingredients or just a relaxing calming experience is in order.

5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Proper care routine for the skin is one of those make it or break it kind of things. Confidence high that we all get from a younger-looking flawless skin is exactly why skincare products make for a multi-billion dollar industry.

How Does a Dental Autoclave Work?

What is the most important for people when they get into a scary dentist room with trembling hands and fear in their eyes? Of course, to stay alive leaving this room. But, let’s be honest, the main thing is to be sure that all the instruments the doctor uses during the dental treatment are perfectly sterilized.

What Is The Difference Between IPL And Diode Laser Hair Removal?

f people could choose, they will obviously take a chance to never ever have any hair on their bodies. Except for head, of course. And eyebrows. Yeah, they are in trend.  Modern cosmetology offers so many different types of epilation. You can try any of them. Let’s talk about that!

How to Use an Autoclave for Tattoo Equipment

Nowadays so many people cover their bodies with tattoos! Once or even a few times using the same tattoo service, because of its professionalism and a nice attitude to their clients. And we really find it to be amazing! Since a sphere of tattoo salons has increased their power.

Saving Youth: Top-3 Facial Procedures to Prevent Skin Aging

Every single one of us says we want to age gracefully, or so we say. You might think that this means looking older, but fully accepting and embracing it, taking care of yourself and looking great for your age. Right? No, not even close! What we all really mean is we want to look young.

Scrubbing Routine: the Safe and Effective Way to Approach Facial Peeling

If you haven’t jumped on the high-tech oxygen & peeling wagon yet, you better hop on!  This equipment will make you soon forget about lifeless complexion, breakouts, clogged pores and void of volume. We have reviewed a line of new amazing advanced skin care machines for you with exceptional peeling features.

The Secrets to Looking Younger Forever: Top 5 Ultimate Tips for Your Clients

There are simple universal rules to be followed to keep skin looking young, glowing and impossibly fresh. The rules are quite simple and well within the reach of every single person. So, one might assume, if someone’s skin care routine isn’t up to par, it is because they choose not to follow the rules and not because of the lack of information. Right? Well, no. So let us stop you right there and elaborate.