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What Is The Difference Between IPL And Diode Laser Hair Removal?

f people could choose, they will obviously take a chance to never ever have any hair on their bodies. Except for head, of course. And eyebrows. Yeah, they are in trend.  Modern cosmetology offers so many different types of epilation. You can try any of them. Let’s talk about that!

How to Use an Autoclave for Tattoo Equipment

Nowadays so many people cover their bodies with tattoos! Once or even a few times using the same tattoo service, because of its professionalism and a nice attitude to their clients. And we really find it to be amazing! Since a sphere of tattoo salons has increased their power.

Saving Youth: Top-3 Facial Procedures to Prevent Skin Aging

Every single one of us says we want to age gracefully, or so we say. You might think that this means looking older, but fully accepting and embracing it, taking care of yourself and looking great for your age. Right? No, not even close! What we all really mean is we want to look young.

Scrubbing Routine: the Safe and Effective Way to Approach Facial Peeling

If you haven’t jumped on the high-tech oxygen & peeling wagon yet, you better hop on!  This equipment will make you soon forget about lifeless complexion, breakouts, clogged pores and void of volume. We have reviewed a line of new amazing advanced skin care machines for you with exceptional peeling features.

The Secrets to Looking Younger Forever: Top 5 Ultimate Tips for Your Clients

There are simple universal rules to be followed to keep skin looking young, glowing and impossibly fresh. The rules are quite simple and well within the reach of every single person. So, one might assume, if someone’s skin care routine isn’t up to par, it is because they choose not to follow the rules and not because of the lack of information. Right? Well, no. So let us stop you right there and elaborate.

Autumn Inspiration: Perfect No-Makeup Glowy Skin

Three fun-filled summer months fly by with the speed of light, or so it seems, the evidence it leaves on all of our faces beg to differ. Even those who avoid the sun altogether, wear proper sunscreen and never leave the house without a hat have something to show their esthetician in the fall, for example, the damage done by the air-conditioned air that sucks the life itself out of the skin

How to remove hair permanently

We take umbrage to people who say they don’t really understand the hype with permanently zapping off unwanted the hair. Really? Let’s dive into details, shall we? Generally, a woman’s daily ritual includes facial cleansing twice a day, toning, moisturizing, putting makeup on, taking makeup off, applying sunscreen, showering, shaving, correcting brows, blow-drying and if you are not in your 20s, adding serums, masks, vitamin-filled night creams to the mix.

How to get rid of unwanted hair permanently at home

It has become apparent that building a successful salon-type of business at home is very achievable in this day and age. We welcome and embrace the idea of owning our own businesses, and, judging by the constantly growing numbers, beauty business professionals are in love with the magical combo of making money while having fun doing the jobs they love. Tens of millions worldwide have opened and are successfully running beauty businesses at home.

What Is Laser Hair Removal And How Does It Work

If you are contemplating investing in laser equipment and are a bit on the fence about it, this is the blog to read. There is a zero product advertisement here, but we are going to look at this method of hair removal from every possible angle and touch every aspect, compare different equipment, answer some FAQs, and discuss the advantages for spa and salon owners and those trying to set up shop at home..