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Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine Neda Tone



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  • Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine Neda Tone is a simple non-invasive treatment that is utilized widely for muscle stimulation and fat-burning. Electro-stimulation works on electrical impulses that cause muscles to contract – the same as if you were utilizing the muscles themselves. This method is widely used in physical therapy offices and has recently become widely popular for spa use in the burning of fat tissue and toning of musculature.

    Popular uses for electro-stimulation:

    • Quicker post-workout recovery

    • Improves stamina and endurance

    • Low impact gain of muscle tone, strength, and responsiveness

    • Improve blood circulation

    • Fat-burning


    Using multiple functions, such as programs, individualized frequencies, and selected total machine intensities makes it easy to focus on areas of concern, and more importantly, specific body areas that may need a bit more attention.

    Pads can be used for various sizes for different body areas, i.e. tummy (abdomen), thigh (quadriceps), buttock (gluteus maximus), love handles – waist (flanks – external obliques), and hamstrings (biceps femoris).

    Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine Neda Tone:

    • 9  programs for body  slimming and face toning
    • 10 channels for electrodes

    Accessories of Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine Neda Tone:

    • 10 big round pads for body
    • 10 medium round pads for body
    • 2 circle pads for breast
    • 8 bandages of different length
    • 2 pairs of square pads for face with sticky surface

    Technical features of Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine Neda Tone:

    Input power:  110V;

    • Input Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
    • Number of programs 9
    • Number of channels 10
    • Range of frequency 40-400 pulses./sec
    • Polarity: monopolar, bipolar
    • Output Intensity: 35 W

    N.WT: 14,7 lb

    Product Dimensions: 13.8"H x 7.9"L x 15.7"D.


    One Year Warranty.


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    Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine Neda Tone Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine Neda Tone

    Sorry, this product currently unavailable. Please contact us for availability dates and options.

  • Rating: (2)reviews

    My mother is no longer young, but she really wants to be beautiful. Unfortunately, we live in a small village where there are no special cosmetology centers, but once in 3 months mom visits a cosmetologist in a big city. And so she advised her to buy an electric muscle stimulation machine, in order to struggle even harder with excess weight and quickly become beautiful. And so, the first sensations of the mother were not very pleasant, honestly. The whole body ached, there were incomprehensible impulses even a couple of hours after the session (I help her conduct these sessions). But after 2 months it became easier and my mother began to enjoy the procedures + the first noticeable result appeared - the zone of the breeches and the abdomen decreased. As the process improves bleeding, mom's hair grows faster than growing on the head. She wants to play sports to look even better and remove a flabby belly !!! Mama, who is 47 years old, can you imagine !!! Thank you for a happy and confident mom))



    For such money, I received a whole box of treasures * _ * Does the device correspond to the description? Yes, it does. Even more - the design is brighter, the functionality is richer, and the dimensions are small. Is it convenient to use? In the beginning, the first 1-2 times was unusual, but then everything became good. And the most important question is whether fats are Does it burn fat? To see the perfect result, one procedure will be small. It is important to establish nutrition, so I always work with dietitians as a cosmetologist. If nutrition is ok, then the device will accelerate the process of losing weight :) Is it too expensive? No, it's not expensive, girls) This is quite a normal price for such an apparatus! You want quality? Then pay as a quality)


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Rating: (2)reviews
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