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6 In 1 Facial machine Nevada Prime



5-In-1 multifunction facial machines
$ 820.00

Sorry, this product currently unavailable. Please contact us for availability dates and options.

Brand: NevaSpa
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  • 6 in 1 Facial Machine Nevada Prime is a multifunctional cosmetology device designed for professional use in a beauty salon or facial room.  It combines the main functions for the great solution of aesthetic skin problems. This device has a convenient interface, so it will be easy to work with it. Facial Machine Nevada Prime has a compact size, so it won’t take up a lot of space.

    The main benefits of the device 6 in 1 Facial Machine Nevada Prime:

    • Compact design with easy-to-use control panel
    • With the help of just one device, you can professionally carry out a large number of procedures
    • You don’t have to buy several cosmetology devices for various procedures
    • Nevada Prime is equipped with many additional functions that will help you in your work no matter what type of procedure you have to do


    Functions of 6 in 1 Facial Machine Nevada Prime:

    With 6 in 1 Facial Machine Nevada Prime you are able to carry out cosmetic procedures, such as:

    1. High Frequency

    High Frequency is a unique treatment for health issues, skin problems, anti-aging. It performs cellular massage to rehabilitate cellular metabolism, oxygenates skin tissues producing ozone to kill bacteria and infection.

    1. Galvanic Therapy

    GT is a function that acts on the skin with a constant electricity. It focuses on de-rooting dullness by increasing oxygen content in your skin. Galvanic facial restores skin’s elasticity by inducing a low DC voltage in the skin, that increases the potency of skin cells to reproduce and multiply. Galvanic facial ease the skin muscles and tissues.

    1. Vacuum Therapy

    Vacuum therapy will allow you to provide massage and lymphatic drainage with vacuum on both the face and the entire body. In the kit, you will get attachments for working in different zones.

    1. Spray

    The spray allows the cosmetologist to easily apply cosmetic products to the client's skin. The function breaks the tonics and creams into fine particles, so the makeup is better absorbed.

    1. Brush

    Brush or brassage is intended for mechanical cleansing of the skin. This function effectively removes the keratinized layer, improves blood microcirculation, bleaches the skin.

        6. Diamond microdermabrasion set

    Technical specs of 6 In 1 Facial Machine Nevada Prime:

    • Number of functions: 6
    • Type of equipment: stationary
    • High-frequency: 50-60 kHz
    • The amplitude value of the voltage is smoothly regulated from 8 kV to 25 kV 


    One Year Warranty.


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    6 In 1 Facial machine Nevada Prime

    Sorry, this product currently unavailable. Please contact us for availability dates and options.

  • Rating: (4)reviews

    at first this discount caused me to have bad thoughts, suspicions and only negative ..///. because my parents taught me that if it is being sold at a discount, then this is either poor quality or I don’t buy products for some reason .... I don’t know what happened , but I decided to take… a chance ....... and for good reason ….... the equipment really pleased me with excellent quality .... good assembly ... no parts fall off, no parts burst during delivery ….. of course, the box arrived a little rumpled .... but there is no shop fault here ... but the fact that the device arrived whole under such conditions already speaks of its dol sheep and durability ... I was pleased with the quality of the brushes ... I think for half a year they will be enough for me ... for 3 months of use, they did not crawl out, did not fall out, but remained in their original form ... it is very strange, but pleasant .. .. thanks for not disappointing, but proving that discounts are just like that, and are not associated with poor product quality .....


    Monica Deli
    Monica Deli

    This device was advised to me at a conference in LA. Man said that it is powerful, convenient and works very efficiently (it gives a quick result that does not harm health). And I really got this 4 months ago. I write this review after such a long time, so I wanted to make sure that everything was OK with deveice. Most of all I apreciated the interface - large, with clear buttons, without extra filling. And to changge the power of the device or switch to another function, you need to spin the wheel. In the instruction there was a description for each buttton where it was written for what it is, what procedure it allows to do and how to change the settings, what is the normal value.


    Khana Ki
    Khana Ki

    The device is very user-friendly - on small displays all the necessary information is displayed. Using the wheel, it's easy to change the settings in a few seconds. Dimensions are small - I put the device on a small curbstone with wheels. But the most important advantage - with this device I was convinced that with the help of 1 machine you can do many different cosmetic procedures. Now my clients can put in order not only the hands and feet, but also the face! Thank you!



    Pretty good multifunctional system. The price corresponds to its quality. Btw I was choosing between Nevada Prime and Nevada Adele and bought this one because of one extra function - diamond microdermabrasion. And now it’s my favorite function.


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Rating: (4)reviews
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